Collagen Grass-Fed Type I and Type III

$ 29.99

  • Supports Gut Health – Reduces inflammation and helps heal leaky gut.
  • Supports Bone Health – Helps keep bones healthy and vigorous.
  • Promotes Joint Health – Healthy aging of joints and ligaments.
  • Supports Skin, Hair and Nail Health – Shiny hair, stronger nails and clearer skin.
  • Great source of protein – Two tablespoons has 11 grams of protein – the equivalent of 2 eggs

    • Certified Halal Grass Fed
    • America's Favorite Collagen!
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten Free
    • All Natural
    • Paleo Friendly

    Collagen may be added to any batter or liquid to improve the nutrient profile. Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons into a cup of coffee/ tea or add to soups, smoothies, juices, water, milk, pancake/cake batter, oatmeal, etc. Collagen is a tasteless and odorless protein that dissolves in hot or cold liquids.  Collagen bone broth protein is an animal protein with an active amino acid profile (which is lacking in vegetarian sources). Everyone should incorporate collagen as part of a healthy lifestyle.

     16 oz. (454 grams)


    The oral consumption of Hearthy Collagen may provide numerous health benefits.

    Here are a few...

    Health Benefits      Dosage   Effects            Studies
    Beauty   5-10 g/day 3 months Increase hydration, firmness, and elasticity of the skin In vitro and in vivo studies
    Joints 10 g/day, 4 to 6 months Help to maintain the structure and functionality of joints In vitro and in vivo studies
    Bone Health 5-10 g/day, 6 to 12 months Support bone mineral density and strengthens the bone In vitro and in vivo studies
    Satiety 15 g/day Reduce the calorie intake in subsequent meals In vivo study

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