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What People Are Saying

I am so happy this product exists. I’m getting close to 30 and would like to age gracefully. My sister suggested I get collagen powder. I wanted to find a halal one and I did. Alhamdulilah. I have been noticing my skin and hair are doing so much better alhamdulilah.confident in representing them as the business culture is immaculate!

Faten Husni Odeh

As a professional track and field athlete, I find it important to incorporate collagen into my daily routine. Hearthy Foods Halal Collagen provides me with protein and essential amino acids to help my muscles, tendons, and ligaments recover to perform day in and day out. It is very important for me to stay on top of keeping my body healthy as I train, to prevent injury and I believe collagen is a huge part of this equation! Hearthy Foods has great Halal collagen that I trust in and I would encourage every other athlete, of any degree, to incorporate this into their diet!

Chantae McMillan, Heptathlon Olympic Athlete

I found this collagen very helpful. My nails are stronger now and hair fall has been reduced. Loved it for being halal. Using it for almost more then 2 years.

Rumana Afrin

I'm very happy with this product (marine collagen). It mixes really well, doesn't leave any clumps. It's pretty tasteless and has a slight smell. It's not as bad as other reviews make the smell out to be. It's made from fish, of course, it will have a slight fishy smell but very, very slight. Will buy it again.

Yusuf J.

Kabocha Flour -Absolutely-I will definitely continue to support your products. They are delicious. I am on a restricted diet and your products have opened up a whole array of accents and options for me in terms of the way food can be prepared-C'est si bon. Some of the smaller local natural food stores in my area always inquire- how I like the product and how I use it- I usually tell them about my latest creative application and request that they keep stocking the product (its usually the sweet potato flour-it has a very distinct hearth like after taste). I don't see your product in enough stores! Keep up the good work and thank-you for reaching out.

Erin Barksdale

This bone broth tastes at least as good or better than if you made it at home! You can actually taste the beef as well as all the vegetables and spices used to cook. It comes in an insulated foil bag. I like that each bag is two servings and has a pour spout on the bag. Keep a few bags in the freezer and just take one out a day before you are going to use it. Yum!

Samantha T.

I love the product. It works very well. Will buy again. One of the best. Bovine colostrum ever.


I'm on my second order and will continue to order. This works the best of all the gelatins I've tried for lubricating my joints. It also dissolves quickly in water and a little juice.


I do not even like marshmallows, but when I first tried these from Hearthy I could not stop eating them! Please do yourself a favor and get an order today like I did just now. You will not regret it…

Ismail Cruz