A Hearthy Story is a story of my love for my Mother

I created Hearthy Foods because of my mom. She suffered for years from diabetes and high blood pressure. I remember the day doctor told her that she had to eliminate the rice, naan, and roti's from her diet. For an Indian mother, these were her life staples. I felt so helpless looking at my mom's face and seeing the sadness in her eyes. I wanted to make a flour that my mother would be able to use to make her favorite bread, rotis, and food. By eliminating wheat, I started on a journey to understanding the problems of wheat.

But my mother told me she been eating wheat as a kid like her parents and grandparents with no side effects. I realized the mass-produced wheat of today is not the same as the local wheat grown by artisans in my mom's village. I started to make plant-based flours that my mother would be able to use to make her favorite bread, rotis, and food, without sacrificing taste. As our diets changed and health improved, I wanted to share those original flours to the world. Although my mother is no longer with us, it was her struggle that inspired me to start the first plant-based flour company. I hope you enjoy our flours as much as we do.

 P.S. - This is a picture of my mom and dad in front of the Taj Mahal in 1978. I had the world's greatest parents kid could ever had.

Our Mission

Quality. Our quality and taste are our clarion call. We promise to continue to innovate and bring you the finest gluten-free products that never sacrifice taste or quality. The only "no" that remains is the one that says "no: to anything but the best.

Health. Halfway into our journey, we knew we would never stop. Never stop being leaders to help others proclaim yes. Never stop sharing that flavor begins after the first "no". That "no" often leads to something better for your body and your soul.

Variety. Creating a good for you mixes – both sweet and savory  – is joyful labor. It feels the way love is supposed to feel:– gooey, rich, and warm.

Come to Hearthy and come to the land of "yes".
                                      With much love,
                                                                     Riaz Surti
CEO and Founder of Hearthy Foods