A Letter from an Allergy Mom that brought Us to Tears

This is a fantastic product. It's delicious. I was surprised to even find this. How odd to have apple flour... The bottom line is that, like that every product that I ended up buying, is fantastic. I eventually ended up buying the carrot, garbanzo, and banana. How did I end buying all of those you might ask. I actually ended up buying all those you might ask. I actually ended up touring the factory. That's right. I drive almost two hours from my home to pick up a custom order.

allergy kid

My son is allergic to a food and the doctor wanted him to have in a powdered form.  There is only one company in America that makes it and they were out of stock for a month. I was desperate to get my hands on it. The owner of Hearthy listened to my story and without a second thought offered to make it for me me even though he had never made it before. He literally drove to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients, took it back to the factory, dehydrated it in his massive industrial dryers. He grounded it into flour and had it for me the next day. How do you find an angel like this? Who does this? He has a beautiful factory with very kind honestly kind employees. You can feel confident when you make a purchase from Hearthy that you are not only getting a first class product, but you are also getting a product made by ethical people. They are people that care. They are people that went an extra mile for  a sick child. I'm forever in there debt. - Karen Dekron