With Great Power Comes Great Broccoli Flour

A big challenge is getting enough vegetables in your diet. How many serving can one person scoff in one day? However we at Hearthy Foods have made it easier way for you to get your broccoli in your diet by turning Hearthy Broccoli in a flour form, not powder. The flour form means it is more soluble and can dissolve better than a powder ever could. So it is ideal for sprinkling in your meals, smoothies, breading, seasoning, baking, and so on. 

Hearthy Broccoli FlourTo get broccoli into more meals without losing the nutritional value, we created a a flour that is not over processed and milled in a way that it will keep it in original health benefits. We want the end product to retain the natural flavor, color, and nutrients of the fresh vegetable. Our flours are nothing but 100% broccoli. Did you know that broccoli is bursting with nutrients that can help to fight cancer and type 2 diabetes, as well as improve gut health. The challenges is the cooking processes that these veggies go through can rob them of a lot of that nutrition.

One tablespoons of flour can equate to about one serving of broccoli. It can be used to make broccoli soups and smoothies, add nutrients to baked foods, or even just to hide this unpopular vegetable from fussy children.

However, the strangest experiment using this powder came from a Los Angeles café, which used the powder to make a broccoli latte. Hey, if pumpkin can pull it off, there’s surely hope for any vegetable.

There is a hidden benefit that the broccoli flour can also be beneficial to farmers. Supermarkets are very picky about the vegetables that end up on their shelves, leading to a huge amount of wasted produce that’s not presentable enough for stores but is otherwise perfectly fine. Turning those unwanted plants into flour reduces food waste and can give growers a new revenue stream.