Using Cacao is the Only Way to make the Best Tasting Brownies

The secret to make a great tasuting and moist brownies is using cacao instead of using melted chocolate. It will be better in texture, taste, moisture and flavor. 

Here's why? It comes down to melted chocolate has cocoa butter which is solid at room temperature. When you make brownies with cacao and butter you will have brownies that stay soft and moist. Butter is softer while cocoa butter along with other ingredients like sugar, emulsifiers, and stabilizers found in melted chocolate stay harder at room temperature. Cacao flour is just one ingredient which means you can control the taste, flavor and texture. 

Unsweetened Hearthy Cacao flour also will provide more intensity chocolate taste to your brownies because it's nothing but 100% cacao flour. Melted chocolate will need more flour to provide balance while less flour means less cakines, dryness and hardness. 

Don't buy expensive overpriced expensive imported cocoa Dutch processed powder. We are selling Hearthy Cacao Flour at bulk prices. Cocao powder varies in quality. Hearthy Cacao Flour is made with the best, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.