Hearthy Foods Marshmallow Package Design Competition Winner Alexa Olmos

In an effort to bring more heart into the world we reached out to Michele Bury of California State Dominguez Hills to give their graduating art design class an opportunity to get real world experience by redesigning the packaging for our Grass Fed Marshmallows.

Our in-house designer Rudy Iñiguez created the design brief for the designers and curated the competition along the way, giving regular feedback sessions with Michele to help guide the students on their design journeys.

The competition took place over the span of 4 weeks going over the varying steps in the design process from brand analysis to design implementation. All their hard work led to a final presentation where the students were able to tell us their story and how their packaging was filled with heart.

After all the presentations it was a tough choice selecting only one design from all the amazing talent. We would like to mention our runner ups Ceirra Lark, Sophia Tobin, Erin Alvarado, Louie Alcazar, Bryan Macz who while were not our final choice we were thoroughly challenged to pick from. Ultimately we decided on our winner with Alexa Olmos.

Her presentation showed us an individual who resonated on a personal level to Hearthy Foods own mission through her personal experience with finding fun and passionate food brands for healthy living. She set out to create a fun package for people of varying age ranges to find food that sparks onder and fun no matter what health issues you may be going through, similar to the struggles that began Hearthy Foods origins.

We are glad to have had the students of California State Dominguez Hills participate in sharing their personal styles and works and we are glad to have been a stop on their design journeys. We are hopeful that this is a start to more ways Hearthy Foods will engage in the communities we serve and are looking forward to showing the world more things made with Heart.