The Dangers of Wheat: My Mom's struggle and the Flour Revolution.

Hearthy Foods Family photo

I created Hearthy Foods because of my mom.  She suffered for years from diabetes and high blood pressure. I remember the day doctor told her that she had to eliminate the rice, naan, and roti's from her diet. For an Indian mother, these were her life staples. I felt so helpless looking at my mom's face and seeing the sadness in her eyes.

I wanted to make a flour that my mother would be able to use to make her favorite bread, rotis, and food. By eliminating wheat, I started on a journey to understanding the problems of wheat. I read Wheat Belly by Willam Davis in which he exposes the harmful effects of wheat.  A wheat diet is the leading cause of obesity and other health problems. The book by Dr. David Perlmutter called Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers exposes even so-called healthy carbs like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic headaches, and depression.  But my mother told me she been eating wheat as a kid like her parents and grandparents with no side effects. I realized the mass-produced wheat of today is not the same as the local wheat grown by artisans in my mom's village. 

I started to make plant-based flours that my mother would be able to use to make her favorite bread, rotis, and food, without sacrificing taste. As our diets changed and health improved, I wanted to share those original flours to the world.  Although my mother is no longer with us, it was her struggle that inspired me to start the first plant-based flour company.  I hope you enjoy our flours as much as we do.

NOTE about the picture : a picture of my mom and dad in front of the Taj Mahal in 1978. I had the world's greatest parents a kid can ever have. 


Neyamatullah May 3 2020

Allah bless your parents, dear sheikh Riaz. Thanks for sharing this personal story. I wish Hearthy Foods continued success.

Neha Assar May 3 2020

I remember your dear parents. They inspired all of us in many different ways. What a great tribute to your mom by having a product to help her and those in need?!

Jamal Sharif May 3 2020

Thank you very much sharing.

Daisy Lagasca May 3 2020

Wow, I am honored to call you my friend. I agree the food now a days especially here in the modern high tech world are not the same when we were growing up in this so called 3rd world country. Yes, this product as I read some about wheat, I definitely interested to try this Hearthy foods. My best friend is also diabetic and will tell her about this.

Ayshabibi Surtee May 3 2020

Salaams first of all may Allah SWT grant Ur marhoom father and Ur marhooma mother the very highest status position rank of the beautiful gardens of jannatul firdos ameen thummaameen brother Riaz such a beautiful story very heart warming I’m so proud of and I’m very sure Ur parents would have been to to see there gem producing this flour for all the people out there who are or who have been suffering over the years by well done to u and Ur entire team to come up with super idea on making this flour 👌 it will benifit our whole nations.This flour shall be very good for there diets by having this there shall feel much lighter healthier.

Asim Khan May 2 2020

Beautiful. Bless your dear mom.

Issa Edah-Tally May 2 2020

Thank you for sharing this heart warming story. Its truly a passion and labor of love for you to find a solution to the harmful effects of commercial wheat. I’m sure that your mother would be very proud of you, may she be placed in the highest jannah. I pray that Hearthy Foods makes a a
massive difference in the lives of people diets and many realize there is an healthier alternative flour based product out there.

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