The Secret Benefits of Gelatin: The Superfood that is so good for you that its need to be told

:Do you suffer from digestive problems, arthritis, bad skin, tooth decay, or are stressed all the time? You might be surprised that the solution to all of these problems can be found in a simple super-food. Yes, gelatin.This ancient super food can remedy health ailments by healing holes in the gut, filling in nutrients missing from the Standard American Diet, and provide the structural matrix for your skin, hair, muscles, and bones. With Hearthy Bovine based Halal gelatin, The first of its kind, We have many different ways to use Gelatin, you’ll realize that transforming your health can be cheap, easy, and delicious.



  1. Add it your morning cup of tea or coffee. Bloom your Hearthy gelatin powder as mentioned above; add hot boiling water and a tea bag to make a yummy and healthy cup of tea. Add sweetener/sugar/honey to your taste. You can also add butter for added health benefits.
  2. SMOOTHIES… who doesn’t love smoothies. They are healthy and yummy. You can make green smoothies by adding kale, spinach and green apple or you can make a berry smoothie. Bloom your Hearthy gelatin and add it to your smoothies. Blend and viola.
  3. Gelatin is an excellent substitute of eggs in baked items, or should I say EGGCELLENT… you can also combine eggs and gelatin while baking bread or any other baked good. This will make it more moist and healthy.
  4. For a good night sleep, it is not even important to follow a recipe. Just mix Hearthy gelatin powder with a glass of milk, water or chamomile tea. 
  5. You can also add gelatin to your ice creams or your breakfast porridge. Blossom your beef gelatin powder as mentioned above. Use a blender to blend blossomed gelatin and a little bit of ice cream. Now add this to remaining ice cream. For porridge or cereals mix 1 teaspoon of gelatin powder in milk and then add porridge/cereal. This will instantly add a healthy dose of protein to your breakfast.
  6. Add beef gelatin powder to your sauces, stews, soups and gravies to thicken them.
  7. You can also add gelatin powder to you bone broth and it would be a double whammy. It would not only add thickness to the broth but will make it twice as healthier and laden with amino acids.