Why Halal Collagen?

Today, interest in dietary halal collagen is growing at an astoundingly rate, and with good reason. People are beginning to be aware the importance of animal welfare in their meats. The reason is that a distress animal will have an affect on the consumer. The benefits of a halal meat and in particular halal collagen-rich diet are remarkable, ranging from better weight control to enhanced digestion, clearer skin, reduced inflammation, and improved immune function.

The best way to harness the power of collagen begins with animal safety, proper slaughter and proper feeding like grass fed.

Dietary halal collagen provides a unique blend of amino acids and other compounds, making it critical for everyone, including infants, young children, the elderly, athletes, pregnant women, new mothers, and adult men and women. Simply put: When we don't get enough of the beneficial compounds found in halal collagen-rich foods, we experience more injuries, chronic aches and pain, digestive issues, and other symptoms associated with aging. And most people don't get enough. Halal Collagen is the missing ingredient that can help us live longer, healthier, more vital lives.

Halal is the approach that keep this in consideration.  

What is halal slaughter?

Halal is the way animal are slaughters and treated. Here are the requirements for halal:  

1. Animal should not be slaughtered in front of other animals. In a practical sense, animal should not be stage near the slaughter area. 

2. Animals should not be stunned while slaughtering. 

3. The slaughter should be done by a Muslim. Although there is one school of thought that makes allowance for a Christian or Jewish person.

4. A prayer should be prayed on each animal when it is slaughtered. 

5.  Three of the four parts of the neck must severed in order to be properly slaughtered (at least three of the four-two jugulars, esophagus and/or larynx). 

6. Animals must be given vegetarian feed like grass. 

7. Must be in lawful possession of the animal. In other words, cant be stolen animals. 

8. The slaughter should be facing Mecca.

9. Modern bovine slaughter house should have a kosher pen to properly slaughter in a safe way. 

10. Only poultry, lamb, sheep, and bovine can be halal. Most seafood is automatically halal. Pork is not halal. 

The formation of halal collagen by your body is absolutely essential for the rejuvenation of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. More importantly, halal collagen gives these tissues the youthful elasticity, flexibility and strength needed to ward off degeneration before it begins. Always go for halal collagen.