Cashew Flour Pancakes Buttery and Creamy

Cashew Flour Pancakes Buttery and Creamy

1 cup Hearthy Cashew flour (can use almond flour, but cashew flour taste buttery)
1/2 tsp baking powder

1-2 tablespoons sugar

2 eggs

2 tablespoons any milk

1 tsp vanilla

unsalted butter for frying


Blend Hearthy cashew flour, baking powder and sugar.

add 2 eggs, any milk and vanilla.

Stir well to combine in to a batter.
Melt butter in a frying pan over medium low heat. You can use a paint brush to spread butter.
Drop batter by the 1/4 cup into the frying pan.

Cook pancakes until edges are firm and bubbles form on the top and the bottom is browned. Flip until golden brown.
Cashew flour will make your pancakes taste creamier.
Inspired by Allrecipes Almond Flour Pancakes.

Casher Flour and Almond flour - 1 to 1.

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