Halwa is something that you got to make not because it is easy because it's so good!

Halwa is an South Asian dessert that is a mixture of ghee, sugar and flour. It's an South Asian pastime to have halwa and Chai. Unlike traditional halwa uses coconut sugar and apple flour as your sweetener. That way you are staying away from unhealthy white sugar. This dessert will change your life (not to be dramatic). 



1/2cup Hearthy Almond Flour 

1cup Hearthy  Apple Flour 

1/4cup coconut sugar 

1/2cup water 

1-2tbsp ghee 

2tbsp almond flakes


On low heat, dry roast the almond flour on a nonstick pan until it’s fragrant. 

Add in the apple flour. Combine. 

Make a coconut sugar syrup in warm water.

Add syrup to the flour and mix well so there are no clumps formed. Lastly heat some ghee and add the almond flakes until they turn golden. Add the ghee and almond flakes and blend in well. Serve warm or cold, it’s lovely either way! 

Recipe by Sana Parekh

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