The Hearthy Story

At one time, the phrase “no gluten” meant the beginning of a journey of “don’t” and “can't”.  At Hearthy, we believe an old adage speaks perfectly -- one no may yield to a thousand yes.

We built upon the advancements in food technology to create products that pushed the bounds of human imagination – as most proclaim – even better than a gluten-filled pastry, even better the all-purpose (white) flour, even better than sugar-filled products; and from there challenged ourselves to create all the goodness that food has to offer.

Creating a molten lava of creamy love with flours, pies, and cheesecakes – with both fruit and savory fillings – was joyful labor. It felt the way love is supposed to feel – gooey, rich, warm.

Halfway into the journey, we knew we would never stop. Never stop being leaders to help others proclaim yes. Never stop sharing that flavor begins after the first no. That no often yields to something better for your body and your soul.

Our quality and taste is our clarion call – we promise to continue to innovate and bring you the finest gluten-free products which never sacrifice taste or quality. The only no that remains is the one that says no to anything but the best.

Come to Hearthy and come to the land of yes.

With much love,


Hearthy Foods